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    ECHO100PLUS is a charity which has worked in Greece since 2015.

    It has set up two day centres, one in Leros and one in Athens, offering a range of classes, activities, and events for adult refugees.

    These community centres are built to facilitate the integration of refugees in Greece and in other European countries. They also acts as a convivial space to learn and interact with committed volunteers and the local community.

    For example in Leros, the center runs more than 20 different classes/activities per week with the help of 6 local teachers, 10-12 international volunteers and 6-8 refugee volunteers.

    About 700 refugees are registered there and on average, about 200 people attend classes or activities every day.


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    Help refugees to continue their education


    MigrENS is a French non for profit organisation created in 2015 by students from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure (ENS) in Paris. They help refugees to resume their academic studies in France.


    Every year, about 35 refugees are invited by MigrENS to attend French classes at ENS, join a student community and prepare for French language exams to apply to university.


    Refugee students are taught french 10 hours per week by trained students. They also receive personal and academic support, are welcome to join some ENS classes (IT, English..) and use its facilities. They participate in cultural and artistic activities inside and outside the school in order to immerse themselves in the French society. In creating a welcoming environment, MigrENS helps refugees to get their lives back with dignity.

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    Supporting migrants and refugees in Europe

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    Raise awareness and act

    Relay for Refugees was founded in 2016 by a group of volunteers dedicated to helping refugees in Europe. Our aim is to address the most urgent needs and fund education programs, sporting or cultural initiatives. We identify a small number of reliable, efficient and dedicated non-for-profit organisations which work with refugees. We raise funds and awareness to support them and get directly involved where needed.

    To optimise the scope of our action in Greece, we collaborate with our partners on the ground and our team provides operational support and advice. Our work has impacted hundreds of refugees in Greece and France. Men and women who find new, considerate communities which can help rebuild their lives. Men and women who can study again and hope for a better future.



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    Vintage clothes sales, London

    June 2016 and June 2018

    Ceramics Sale, Morley College 

    June 2017

    Screening of On Call and conference, French Institute

    June 2018

    Conference on Migration and Emotions, French Institute

    June 2019

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